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All our live sessions are recorded for safekeeping. They are accessible to parents as well as students for future reference.

Immersive experience.

Technology has become an integrated part of our daily routine. Our kids are so accustomed to it that it is second nature for them to use it. At Hissah, we strive to provide the latest teaching technologies to ensure an amazing learning experience. When sessions are engaging, with various tools being used, students are more likely to retain information and understand subjects.

Trusted educators.

We vet our educators through a rigorous selection process to verify their experience and qualifications. All our educators are specialized in their fields, passionate about teaching, and have been trained to deliver engaging online sessions.

Privacy and safe environment.

We have built our platform with safety and privacy as our utmost priority. All contact information such as email, phone numbers and even last names, are not shared with our educators. Communication is strictly limited to the platform, where parents have full visibility over all students' interactions.

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